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GCF International Christian School (GCF-ICS) is a traditional school which was established in 1995 as an extension of the ministry of Greenhills Christian Fellowship. The new school was spearheaded by Ms. Tetes Morales. It had an initial population of 10 preschoolers which steadily grew every year. It graduated its first batch of Fourth Year students on March 2007.


The Pre-elementary and Elementary levels of the school were given their Department of Education (DepEd) Recognition on March 2007. The recognition of the secondary level followed soon after on September 2007.


School Philosophy

The school believes that the goals of Christian Education are:

  • to proclaim that the triune God is the Creator of all mankind, the world and everything in it;
  • to teach that every created human being is made in the image and likeness of God with a body, soul, mind and spirit, born with a free will and is a vital part of God's redemptive plan; and
  • to develop and utilize an age-appropriate curriculum with Scripture as its core and meets the individual, unique needs of each child.

The school believes:

  • that a good education program weaves the tenets of Scripture in all academic disciplines of the school curriculum in order to develop a Bible-integrated core curriculum;
  • in promoting the child's self-esteem and self-worth;
  • in fostering respect for persons in authority, other people and the environment;
  • in stimulating in the child an unending desire to learn and develop intellectual life skills of information-gathering, organizing, analysis, synthesis, critical thinking, decision-making and communication; and
  • in providing a climate for spiritual, mental, emotional, psychological and social growth, which would enhance the development of the child's strength of character, personality and intelligence.

Goals & Objectives

The school aims to make the child come to an awareness that he is made by God, that he belongs to God, and all that he has is God's. He should also come to recognize that he belongs to a family and to a large community composed of other families.

The school aims to make the child comes to a realization that he is valuable and an important member of the family; that parents have the primary responsibility of bringing their child up in love and providing a home environment which is conducive to the development of the child in all aspects of his growth.

The school aims to make the teachers realize that they are called to be the shepherds/servant-teachers of the child and his family; that they must proclaim the goodness of God to the children and to their families, whom they serve, making use of every opportunity to lead them to Christ; and that they go alongside the child in order to identify his unique gifts, encourage the child to maximize his potentials, and help him cope with his weaknesses and limitation.